Friday, July 30, 2010

Business and Busy-ness

Exciting things are brewing in the land of the ETB: 

1. We're about to head off for a short 8 day tour that has a weekday show in Louisville, KY, two festival shows in the Flood City Music Festival in Johnstown, PA, and an appearance in Nashville, TN. 

2. We've started a new Official ETB channel on YouTube and we're hoping to get some cool new stuff uploaded soon, starting with fan submitted videos of shows, various random clips from the road, and a small series of videos in which Russell Sowell, former sound engineer and guitar tech for the ETB, and myself will tear apart our tour van, "Boss Hoss", and demonstrate how to convert a normal passenger van into a functional touring van for working musicians. 

3. We're working diligently to blanket our shows around Texas more evenly (that's right, Dallas and Lubbock, we haven't forgotten about you!)  We finally established ourselves in San Angelo at the Steel Penny Pub in May and we will return on Sept. 25th.  We played for the first time in College Station at Church Street BBQ on July 24th and had a blast.  Houston, we'll see you in Humble on the 28th of August. San Antonio, Corpus, and College Station: there will be an announcement very soon...

 4. We've side-stepped the problems with our out-dated schedule on the ETB website and installed a ReverbNation schedule widget that includes a map of all our shows and is much easier to read and update.  The website should be getting a makeover soon, but that should keep everyone up to speed on the shows until we get the rest figured out.

5. We're so all over the tweets.

6. August 19th is our next show at Antone's. It's also my 29th birthday.  We're excited.  No concussions this time and we will totally honor the "three more songs" promise we made last Wednesday when the concussion ended the show early!
That's all for now, more updates and random musings coming soon...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Numero Uno"

Hey there, welcome to the new blog for the ETB.  I'm sure I'll manage to fill your screen with mindless ramblings from time to time, so if you are into that sort of thing, today is your lucky day.  I haven't really blogged since the demise of MySpace's reign of the social media world, but I'm going to do my best to keep this blog updated.  So there...

That said, I'm already tired of blogging today.
Keep it real homies,